SVG (Savage) Software by Hi-Per Automotive


    Stage 1 where the excitement begins - this is simply the first stage in the tuning process for your car -
    We take the stock ecu data and recalibrate certain areas in order to bring the engine to life - the engine will be at peak performance in terms of what it's capable of whilst running factory components.
    To unlock the full power of your engine - please see stage 1+

    SAVAGE STAGE 1+ (Intake upgrade required)

    Stage 1+ is another calibration that allows the engine to make even more power due to the addition of your uprated air intake - this means we can allow the car to receive more air which in turn means we can add more fuel into the mix which sets us along the road to more power
    The engine is now deemed to be SAVAGE - but now you must consider upgrades to help it work efficiently and without restriction
    To overcome restriction number 1 - waste gas efficiency - please see stage 2

    SAVAGE STAGE 2 (decat / sports cat downpipe required for Petrol cars / DPF + EGR delete required for Diesel cars)

    Stage 2 is unlocking the main restriction your engine will be up against when making power - once the stage 1+ elements are doing their job to their full potential
    There are a lot more waste gases more the engine to dispose of - with the addition of a decat / sports cat downpipe you are ultimately removing a large filter (catalytic converter) that sits in the exhaust system which restricts the flow of waste gasses to control emissions - this slows down the engine power production
    Once this filter is removed and the gasses can flow freely away into the exhaust for disposal - the car is now making full power and disposing of the waste gases properly - but do be mindful that this engine is now working very hard and the next obstacle to overcome is the heat the engine and boost system produce
    To overcome restriction number 2 - engine / component heat - please see stage 2+

    SAVAGE STAGE 2+ (Intercooler upgrade required for petrol cars)

    Stage 2+ is the consideration and management of the huge amounts of heat that the engine, turbo and entire boost system will generate - a simple way of assisting your engine with heat management is the addition of and uprated intercooler
    As charged air - better known as boost is sent through the boost system it is too hot to allow the engine, turbo and essential components to operate at full capacity for long periods of time - this is why modern cars often have fluctuations in performance
    The addition of an uprated intercooler lets the boost past through a much wider and better flowing cooler than the stock parts on any car - this allows the charged air to hit the turbo much cooler - this will enable the boost system to work to its full potential and generate that SAVAGE power
    You are now running the car to its full potential and managing the created power properly and efficiently - you are now up against the limitations of the stock / factory turbo and cannot make any further power
    To overcome restriction number 3, turbo limitation please see stage 3

    SAVAGE STAGE 3 (Turbo Charger upgrade required)

    Stage 3 is where the real SAVAGE cars come to life, this is taking the car that has been take to its factory limits - onto the next level
    We have 3 types of turbo replacement for all cars that we cater for
    This is an uprated / stronger version of the factor turbo
    This is the most cost effective way of reaching SAVAGE POWER
    We take the turbo and strengthen every component possible, this enables us to use the same turbo fitment to generate even more power for your car and take it into the realms of serious power
    This is a completely different turbo altogether
    This is the use of a bigger housing, bigger compressor wheels and bigger inlets to generate bigger power - the use of the traditional journal bearing system in the unit means although this is an option to create more power than the hybrid turbo - it still doesn't cost the earth
    This turbo is in a league of it's own - this is for the driver wanting nothing but the most - this is for the driver that has no limitations in terms of power addiction or budget
    These are the nastiest turbos available on the marker today without a shadow of a doubt - nothing comes close to the delivery of these units
    Made from specialist ultra heat dispersing materials combined with GENUINE GARRETT BALL BEARING CORES - these MONSTER TURBOS deliver and maintain boost in ways we have never seen before
    These turbos are not for the faint hearted - nor are they for the driver that thinks they can outperform the car they are sat in - this is tomorrows power - now!
    When looking into which turbo you want to upgrade to - you should be aware that some turbos are hungrier than the stock fuel system in your car has to offer
    To overcome restriction number 4 - fuel management / deliver - see stage 3+

    SAVAGE STAGE 3+ (Fuel Injection System upgrade required)

    Stage 3+ is acknowledging the requirements of your turbo when it comes to what is needed to feed it the fuel it needs to function without compromise
    This is where you should consider
    To ensure you are sending enough fuel with enough pressure from the fuel tank - up to the high pressure fuel pump
    To ensure the correct fuel rail and injector delivery pressure is enough to provide adequate fuel to the injectors
    To ensure enough fuel can be delivered into the combustion chambers (cylinders) to make the desired power
    To ensure the injectors are capable of handling such high amounts of extremely strenuous work
    Some cars have more than one type of injection system that can be upgraded - you may want to consider the upgrading the flow of one type of injection system while upgrading the strength of the other
    Once your engine has the most powerful turbo with the most powerful fuel system - you are now up against the limitations of the engine itself
    To overcome restriction number 5 - engine strength - see stage 4

    SAVAGE STAGE 4 (Internal Engine Component upgrades required)

    Stage 4 is overcoming the restrictions of the engine strength itself - this means ripping open the engine and replacing stock internal components for stronger and harder components
    This is the point where a every driver is absolutely different and a full consultation will need to take place to discuss the long and short term vision of the car and customer
    This is basically the time to choose between upgrading the entire car - or spending what could be the value of another car into the current car to send it to space

  • SVG SOFTWARE is the in-house software developed by Hi-Per Automotive

    Countless hours of research and testing and using the state-of-the-art market leading dynojet rolling road we have on site - our team piece together some of the market leading software we have today.

    The process consists of countless dyno runs, countless data logging sessions and countless revisions of our software to create the finished product.

    Unlike most tuning studios we offer a perfect software solution for every stage of your build and give you 6 stages in total to choose from.

    SVG SOFTWARE is safe, reliable, punchy and an extremely well-rounded calibration when it comes to performance and we feel more than confident that it can stand toe to toe with the world's leading brands when it comes to reliability and delivery.

    Why choose average software - when you can choose SAVAGE SOFTWARE.

    Our team of super friendly and helpful staff will help and guide you through the processes whether it be for a car you have that already has certain upgraded performance parts - or a car that is fully stock (from factory) that you are looking to take one of our unbeatable hardware & software package solutions.


Scope of service 

We offer full ECU (engine control unit) remapping service and custom tuned software & engineering for various makes and models of vehicle. We strive to provide a high level of service and customer satisfaction in all cases. We only use established and tested ECU reprogramming tools to ensure the highest level of reliability and service.  

A full diagnostic check of all vehicles is carried out prior to and after any ECU remap or reprogramming service is carried out by us. All vehicles may be driven on the road for testing and/or data logging purposes.  


Engine Control Unit (ECU) - While carrying out remapping and reprogramming of the vehicle ECU, we take full responsibility for the engine control unit and its operation. In the unlikely case that any issue arises during the flash programming process of the ECU, and then we will strive to carry out recovery, repair or replacement of the ECU as required. For customers provided with our custom written tuning files and carry out ECU flash programming themselves, we provide no responsibility for any ECU faults that may occur. We will however always strive to provide any support we can.  

Other Mechanical / Electrical faults - We do not accept liability for any other vehicle mechanical or electrical failure or faults prior or after the remapped ECU software has been installed. We will also not be held liable for any emission control bypass software used on the public highway - these vehicles must continue to comply to UK / Euro emissions standards and meet MOT requirements as required by law.  

Engine / Vehicle Health – It is the customers responsibility to ensure the vehicle and engine is in good health when provided to us for remapping / dyno run. We reserve the right to refuse to provide our services if any suspect issues are identified with the vehicle following our own initial diagnostic and health check. We will offer full advice regarding any issues identified where required.  

Vehicle Warranty – It is the customers responsibility to ensure their vehicle warranty is not affected by the installation of custom ECU software.  

Return to Stock – In all cases possible, we will carry out full backup of the vehicle ECU software that was previously running on the vehicle as provided to us. This will allow the customer to return to their previous ECU software if ever required. Charges may apply.

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